Week 9 Second Blog Post : Breaking Down Sexist Film Tropes One Pop Song At A Time


Moderately attractive woman pines after “the-one-who-got-away” for years and then chooses to leave behind her whole life (including an extremely successful career in law) at the mere glimmer of hope of being with him. Cue her behaving erratically (and borderline insane) as she desperately pursues her long-lost love – Rebecca Bunch is the very embodiment the tired, tried and tested trope of the Crazy –Ex girlfriend. One that not only are we familiar with, but greet with the same weary acceptance we extend to that one bigoted great-uncle we all have – “I mean there is nothing we can do to stop it, so might as well enjoy the show”.

However, don’t be fooled by this synopsis. The show then proceeds to demolish the toxic stereotypes perpetuated by this historically misogynistic trope by hyperbolizing the crazy, and presenting it in the charming format of a musical romantic comedy. This is clearly portrayed in the song The Sexy Getting Ready Song, that reveals the true bloodbath that is the female preening process. Finally an honest portrayal of what really goes behind those “effortless date night looks” – as a woman, I have to admit it gives me a degree of sadistic pleasure when I imagine the number of guys who are going to view this little pop number….and then simultaneously cringe. Yes generic rapper dude, you go! Go “apologize to some bi***es” right now”, we deserve it.

In the age of the Amy Schumers, and Chelsea Handlers – women in the media are currently working to shatter some of the illusions about the feminine mystique by showing the world what women really are – human. Just as capable of being loud, brash, inappropriate, hilarious and rude as the other gender.

Shocking, I know.

However the entertainment industry is very very far away from eliminating (or even acknowledging) sexism within its bedazzled walls. What with the backlash that met Jennifer Lawrence’s statement that she deserved to be paid as much as her male counterparts for the work they did, or the recent reveal of the gross misogynistic intros written for female characters in movies – Hollywood (and Bollywood, and other film industries) has countless issues that need to be addressed.

So, is this show finally the revolutionary satirical commentary that will decimate sexism in the entertainment industry and finally bring justice for all the female characters and actresses who have been treated badly through all of time? Probably not. (After all it’s a CW show). But this show may just contribute positively to the ongoing conversation about the extent to which media stereotypes contributes to everyday sexism and patriarchal standards in this toxic industry.

Also the songs are hilarious.


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