Week 9 Comment

In response to this post

I do not know to what expense this makes sense, but my immediate response to your article was this sense of overwhelming guilt. Its certainly as mind boggling as it is seemingly unfounded. I have no personal connection to Coach House Press, I certainly did not contribute to its decline – yet I felt this persistent guilt. Perhaps, rather than seeing the decline of a single publishing house, I am seeing the grim consequences of the roaring success of the digital age. An avid reader myself, I see the hours spent shunning my beloved paperbacks in favor of countless monitors as some kind of adultery, and it is difficult to see the decline of this publishing house as anything less than the heartbreaking consequence of this triumph of the digital era. I realize I am being a tad dramatic (always did have a rather theatrical flair), but to see all that history contained within the walls of a tiny publishing house start to fade away, it’s sad.


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