Week 8 Secondary Blog: Hamilton

I have a confession to make. This is blog post isn’t entirely related to any particular social justice cause. Its mostly just going to be, having a miniature fangirl meltdown as I attempt to explain the sheer magnificence of Hamilton the musical.

Unless someone was literally dumped on a deserted island (with no WiFi connection), most people have heard about revolutionary musical that is currently taking Broadway (and the world by storm), Hamilton the musical. Created by literal genius Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton is a hip-hop musical that tells the life story of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s Founding Fathers. Although calling it merely a hip hop musical feels insufficient. Hamilton combines musical theater, hip-hop, rap, R&B, jazz, pop and American history and dramatizes the life of Alexander Hamilton, as described by the biography written by Ron Chernow.

And the best part? Hamilton has an entirely diverse cast.

And shockingly, having a black George Washington or a Puerto Rican Hamilton does absolutely nothing to take away from the story. In fact, it only makes the play more accessible.

“America then, as told by America now.”


“Hamilton’s doing it in a little bit of a different way but it’s saying the same thing, because it’s taking the story of the founding of this country and it’s saying, ‘Guess what? Let’s get the story of the founding of this country told by the people who actually make up this country, who are this country, who are the strength and built this country, and who are this country’s futur’ “’. – Oskar Eustis

.I expected to write a lot more, about the brilliance of the play and the way its starting a conversation about race and representation in Broadway. But it was surprisingly difficult to write about – I understand the concept of speechlessness from awe a lot better now, yet that concept doesn’t exactly translate very well onto a blog.

So I am going to attach this article The Star instead, and bid you to go listen to the entire soundtrack on Spotify.

Best three and half hours of your work week…I assure you.

(I would have said life but I can’t actually guarantee that)


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