Week 7 Secondary Blog: Make Donald “Drumpf” Again

Donald Trump is like those god-awful movie adaptations of the Percy Jackson novels.

Let me explain.

  1. They’re both terrible trainwrecks that make you physical sick to your stomach when you think of them, and make you lose faith in humanity just a little
  1. They both make you want to actually WATCH them, just because you couldn’t possibly believe that it would actually be that bad.
  2. You want to desperately talk about both of them. Yet you feel like just constantly mentioning it is just validating them.

So yes. I desperately want to comment on Trump. But at the same time I don’t want to.

What I wish instead, is that we were never put in a situation where Donald Trump was actually running for President…..with an actual chance of winning. This entire situation plays out like multiple human rights violations,  or an episode of Parks and Rec (the only difference being that this is reality, and we won’t have Leslie Knope saving the day – even though she is the President that we deserve)

I could attempt to list the litany of truly horrifying things that Trump has said/done in the past few months (and all his life), but we already know all this. It will add absolutely nothing to the narrative. While I am a big fan of frustrated rants that convey one’s loss of faith in humanity, enough people have expressed a similar sentiment about Trump.

Instead, what we need is one wonderful British satirist to calmly and logically go through all the reasons that people say they support Trump, and then proceed to systematically decimate them using hard-cold statistics and a rapier wit. Furthermore, we need these hilarious Google Chrome extensions that actually make Donald “Drumpf” again.

Please watch this video. It will be worth it


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