Week 6 Comment


In response to this post:


There is no such thing as sexual education in India.

If you are shocked by the statement, well…you should be. Looking at this video now its hard to believe that there was once a time that I too was under such misconceptions. That there was a magical thing called the hymen which (unlike a piñata) if broken would result in endless shame for my family, a trip to hell and also babies. In a world where information exists literally at our fingertips its hard to believe that there are still people who don’t have knowledge about basic biology and healthcare. This ignorance has more societal ramifications than other kinds of mere idiocy. “Virginity” is little more than a societal construct set in place to slut shame women through time for our demonic promiscuity – however this is a concept still very firmly entrenched in our societal structure.

While a plea for more comprehensive sex education worldwide is continued to be made, in the meantime we can thank College Humor for filling the gaps in the education.


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