Week 5 Secondary Blog : Deadpool (And the Full Spectrum of Human Sexuality)

On February 14th, my best friend and I decide to battle the freezing temperatures of the Arctic wasteland that was downtown Toronto** for the sake of a noble cause – we wanted to watch Deadpool in its opening weekend.

Deadpool, the gun toting, fourth-wall breaking, profane R-rated superhero, has been breaking records from the second it was released.  And perhaps he may go on to break a few more in the next movie. For those familiar with Deadpool’s comics, it is common knowledge that the Merc with a Mouth is in fact pansexual, i.e. he is not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity. And if Deadpool gets a boyfriend in the next movie, he will be the first openly gay Marvel superhero with his own franchise. (i.e. if we don’t count Eric and Charles from the X-men universe, cause clearly those two have unresolved issues. But I leave that to the domain of fanfiction)

In an age where most people know very little about the full range of human sexuality, having a pansexual superhero dominate mainstream cinema, could start a very important conversation about sexuality and acceptance. Ed Skrein (The villain Ajax) himself admitted that he had never even heard the term pansexual before he took on the job. Its 2016, its about time that people are made aware that gender, identity and sexuality are far more complicated issues than a simple binary system that seems primarily dictated by two colors.

**(#ImmigrantIssues : When nobody around you seems to comprehend that temperatures of -40°C clearly signify the end of the world, cause no human should be able to survive this)


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