Week 5 Main Blog: Being Meta (Writing About Writing)

There is a reason why so many badass comic book characters go undercover as reporters. Take Iris West from the Flash Tv show – when she is not an active, a**-kicking member of a superhero crime fighting team, she is a brilliant and tenacious reporter who cares most about telling people the truth and of writing about what she believes in. And she started her journalism career in a place quite familiar, with a blog.

Blogging is one the fastest and most efficient platforms where people can share their personal views with others, share their version of the truth. Whether it is to convey righteous outrage over an evil coffee franchise’s war on Christmas with their joyless red holiday cups, or to raise awareness about the heartbreaking obstacles that transgender teens have to face after the tragic suicide of 17 year old Leelah Alcorn.

Whether its on blogging sites like WordPress, Tumblr, or even someone’s extremely long winded rant on Facebook – blogs are giving people the power to stand up and speak out for what they believe in. And better yet, it provides a space for many people to come together to start a conversation about things they believe in and try and have an impact in this world. This platform is an incredibly powerful engine for social change. It basically allows people to come together an essentially scream at each other about issues they are passionate about (only in cyber space) and to constantly learn from each others experiences.

It gives the power to the most ordinary person to speak out for what they believe in – whether it is on social justice issues, or to state that Joss Whedon did absolutely destroy the last Avengers movie.


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