Week 5 Comment

In response to this post:

In a period of time where there is actually an official term for the fear of not having a smartphone, Nomophobia (look at this, I couldn’t possibly be making this up), it may seem incredulous that so many of us were surprised to see internet being described as a basic human right. I doubt that most of us are even capable of seeing the myriad ways in which the internet is inextricably interwoven into our daily lives. It is just one of those things that have become custom to us. But it does beg the question, if we consider internet to be a human right – how many people across the world who have no access to internet or maybe even computers are now defined as being treated in an inhumane fashion, even if they have access to food, water and shelter. Is the internet now considered a necessity for survival?

Not to mention, can the loss of WiFi then be considered a human rights violation? (most of us are likely to agree)


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