Week 4 Secondary Blog : #EverydaySexism (Or Buzzfeed Lists Solve All World’s Problems)

British, feminist author of book Everyday Sexism Laura Bates, started her Everyday Sexism Project in 2012 , after undergoing a series of horrible experiences, including street harassment and sexual assault, over a short period of time. However, what incited her to start her project weren’t the incidents themselves, but the fact that she considered them to be a “normal” part of being a woman. And so she started her project as  way for women to share their similar experiences with each other and the rest of the world. The Everyday Sexism Project now exists on various social media platforms including FacebookTwitterTumblr and on the Everyday Sexism website.

Reading through the countless submissions made my women about their own experiences, made me feel sick to my stomach. Not only because most of them are generally horrifying – but because of the number of instances that exctly matched my experiences. Experiences that I brushed off with an eye roll (and mumbled swears under my breath about what boys are like). There is something fundamentally wrong with the fact that we consider constantly being afraid, a normal part of our lives. That I automatically cross the road if I am alone at night and see a large group of guys walking towards me. Or that our biggest concern when going on blind dates isn’t that we may not have a good time, but that we may end up becoming an addition to someone’s skin suit.

Every experience catalogued by the Everyday Sexism Project, reveals the intrinsically patriarchal society that we live in. And recognizing that this society is likely to be a part of my reality for the remainder of my life usually makes me foam at the mouth with rage ( only slight exaggeration).

However, I decided to channel this anger and instead transform it into something more fun and clearly productive. So I decided to make my own buzzfeed list on how to deal with sexism.


6 Ways to Survive in a Patriarchal Society Determined to Crush Your Soul Without Being Driven to Homicide


  1. Read numerous accounts of sexism and violence against women, and proceed to get angry at the universe
  2. Remember that an actual human being called Roosh V, stated that the believes rape should be legalized if it were done on private property. Feel the anger drain out of you, and feel that space be replaced with a bottomless void of hopelessness and despair.
  3. Make yourself hot chocolate, and go on to YouTube and watch Potter Puppet Pals till pulse rate goes back to normal
  4. Recognize that while we may live in a flawed society, the only way to improve it is to become an active agent for social change yourself. And to fight for what you believe in every day of your life
  5. Watch This video, and spend 5 minutes laughing, cause clearly this Roosh V has no grasp on reality.

6. Something to do with kale??


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