Week 4 Link : Ignorance and Racism?


“So…I mean…what ARE you?”

A question that I can only imagine being posed by an alien baffled by the bizarre array of species inhabiting the curious blue rock we call Earth. That is perhaps the only scenario where such a question is actually appropriate (and would be met with hysterical excitement on my end)

However, when asked this rather asinine question (pardon my French) on multiple occasions by other fellow homo sapiens on account of my brown skin and apparently baffling and inscrutably ethnicity, it is met with little more than an eye roll and snappy reply.

I have yet to see a video that captures with more perfect clarity, the exact emotions that one goes through when on the receiving end of this casual racism in our vie quotodienne. Not to mention it is also one of the most hysterical reaction videos I have seen on the internet. This girl Is my hero


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