Week 3 Secondary Blog : Global Warming – Reality or Fiction? (A Rhetorical Question Please Don’t Actually Answer It)

Its 2016. Global Warming is a real phenomenon and climate change is upon us. I would have felt the pressure to corroborate those claims with scientific articles, had they not been fact. Literally every scientific research conducted on this subjected yielded the exact same results. The world is getting hotter. And we were the reason why.

The above gross simplification of the Greenhouse Effect is, however, still questioned by some people who haven’t yet been convinced by the mountains of corroborative evidence right in front of them. And these people, somehow happen to be on…. wait-for-it… The United States House of Representatives Committee On Science, Space And Technology.

I cannot stress how much everyone should watch this link. As I am sure it will summaries everything that you would feel in a similarly bizarre situation.


While it is undoubtedly hilarious to watch (national treasure) Jon Stewart have a minor breakdown whilst trying to deal with his frustrations with the situation (and reacting exactly like any of us would) – this situation does bring forward some of the enormous issues in legislation and politics in this generation. If someone so misinformed about basic environmental issues is actually a representative at The United States House of Representatives Committee On Science, Space And Technology – it does make you wonder, the extent to which the people making important legislations that affect all our lives, are actually qualified to do so.


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