Week 3 Comment

In response to this post

Tugging on her own scarf with quiet desperation, a woman in her early-thirties tilts her chin low and casts her eyes lower. January wind pushes against her back, pushes her to run—not from the cold. She runs from the man. She runs from his eyes.”


This particular paragraph hit me really hard as it forced me to relive the sheer number of times that I WAS that woman. The urge to pretend that we can’t see the cracks in our society, or to pretend that our small contributions will do nothing to alleviate the gravity of this situation, is one that is both extremely toxic and very strong. We should do more in these moments than walk away with a sense of guilt that is then immediately pushed to the back of our minds.


However, your interpretation that this very guilt should be a sign of hope rather than shame really brightened my outlook to an extent. As someone who can very easily see the negative side of things, I had never considered that particular perspective before. Maybe it is true what they say about clouds and silver linings.



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