Week 12 Secondary Blog

My favorite blog to write: To be honest it would be my Secondary Blog Post from the Second Week. It was a difficult piece to write, because it forced me to be honest about something that I was not proud of. But going over the blog again, I am quite happy with what I produced

Most difficult blog to write: The main blog for Week 6. I remember just having a serious writer’s block all week as I tried to churn out any words at all about diversity in Toronto. I eventually ended up taking another angle with my blog, writing out the words literally the night before our next class. That was a rough night…..

Favorite blog : I am going to cheat on this question. It is hard to pick out just one from the countless blogs that I have read in the past 3 months, because by this point many of them just start blending together in your mind. But I just want to state, that I am very proud of everything this class managed to accomplish in the past 12 weeks.


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