Week 10 Link: Gaycation or How a tiny gay Canadian actress is changing the way we percieve the LGBTQ Community.



“Everybody seems to be coming out these days. It’s like a new trend”


Actual words that left the mouth of a former acquaintance of mine, in my presence. Biting down on my acerbic response, whilst screaming internally. I tried to respond rationally to this absurd proclamation. The western, millennial generation didn’t create the gay community. The history of the LGBTQ community spans generations and cultures – there have been gay people almost as long as there have been people. And they have been persecuted and oppressed for almost as long. This is the issue that Ellen Page’s new show Gaycation serves to address. The diversity, vibrancy and ordeals faced by a community that still fights to this date – and the journey of a young woman as she chooses to unapologetically be herself.


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